Monday, June 13, 2011

September 2011: Lisbon By Night

At the table: Nad B, Bibi, Shara

Lisbon By Night is a beautiful, authentic, Portuguese restaurant with an inviting atmosphere. The warm lighting and authentic decor makes you feel as if being welcomed into a traditional, Portuguese home. 

Though seafood isn’t the only choice here, it’s definitely the popular choice with the restaurant’s signature platter – a generous serving of mixed grilled seafood perfect for sharing. The serving is so large; it challenged groups of 6-8 people!

Nad B ordered a wonderful dinner of mixed grilled seafood set atop a lovely bed of rice paired with a sparkling white Portuguese wine, Azelda. 

Bibi and I went for the Fish Rodizio – an all-you-can-eat mixed grill featuring 8 types of fresh fish served right to your table with boiled potatoes, salad and rice and fish soup to start. The variety of seafood included: calamari, salmon, mahi mahi, sea bass, prawns, sardine (large and small) and catfish.

Next was the dessert trio - a choice of any 3 desserts on the menu. Our choices seemed easy - Chocolate Lava Cake, Creme Brulee and Toffee Pudding. However, our server convinced us to try the Fresh Creme and Eggs instead of the Toffee Pudding by assuring us it was the most authentic dessert on the menu and also the best. She was sooooo right. It was like a parfait of thick whipped cream, sweet creamy egg yolks layered with graham crumbs. It was our favourite of the trio and we literally scraped the dish with our spoons!

Overall, this is a great place to go for big family dinners, celebrations or an intimate date. Did I mention there was live music? Beautiful is the only way I can describe this experience.  And mmmmm.....Fresh Creme and Eggs!

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