Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Try It! Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago!

At the table: Shara (me)

What do you do when you have an entire day to yourself in Chicago? You take an architectural cruise aboard the Innisfree, shop the Magnificent Mile and eat deep dish pizza, otherwise known as "stuffed pizza" at Giordano's.

Thick, smokin' hot and ultra cheesy with a rich sauce. Worth the 40 minute wait. But after 2 Rolling Rock, I could only get down 1 piece - less than a quarter of the 10 in. monster (the smallest dinner size). I carried the rest back to my hotel, froze it and it traveled back home in my suitcase! Note: not as good when thawed and reheated.

Chicago, I hope we meet again! And Gino's....I'm coming after you next!

Pizza favourites?? Let's have 'em!

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